Our mission

Our aim is to ensure coverage of the interdisciplinary relationships in the range of development and implementation of modern technologies in the medical field. Our clients can rely on high-quality services resulting from long-term experience of our employees, as well as our commitment to continual improvement. Individual approach to our clients' needs is essential for successful cooperation.


The company offers specialized services in medical communications and transmission of medical data, storing, processing and visualizing medical image data, in three-dimensional volumetric reconstruction of medical image data, in development of computer planning applications  for external radiotherapy, brachytherapy and stereotactic radiosurgery, in the field of medical counseling and education as well as in the field of internet communication and internet and intranet applications development for the medical field.



To provide a high-quality services at a professional level , resulting from long experience of workers and their high expertise in the field of software engineering, computer graphics, internet communications, human biophysics and medical physics is obvious. The advantage is the rich experience of working in a multicultural environment as well as participation in many projects, which development took place in a geographically distributed mode.



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